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Heavenly Fire

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Heavenly Fire
and other poems by Arthur O. Roberts
Arthur O. Roberts
Barclay Press

by Arthur O. Roberts


As a pastor, professor, philosopher, and poet, Arthur O. Roberts has a large tool chest for his communication ventures. In this book the poet shares tributes--to animals, friends, family, places, God's grace, and to Fern (his wife for more than sixty years). These poems create an umbrella of love and appreciation. Under its canopy you will find spirituality, pastoral care, and even some history.


Corey W. Beals, assistant professor of philosophy and religion, George Fox University, says: "This small book of poems is more than poetry. It is a window into the life of a man who has been a pathfinder for Quakers. His other books of philosophy, theology, history, sermons, and autobiography also reflect the life of this giant. But this volume gives us a uniquely penetrating peek into his soul. It goes from being whimsical to vulnerable, from being lofty to pedestrian, and throughout we see painful honesty. Through this poetic window, we see the life of a tenderly romantic husband, a grounded philosopher, a patient father, a loyal friend, a playful grandfather, and a compassionate pastor. But we also see a brother regretting detachment from his sister, an older man longing for companionship, and a frail human fighting temptations and acknowledging weakness. These latter glimpses do not negate his gigantic stride, but instead they help us relate to his experiences and they invite us to follow him, walking the path that has 'been tended with love.'"

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