# of Columns:
Praying for Justice

by: R. Anderson Campbell & Steve Sherwood
with Paula Hampton

A Lectionary of Christian Concern

$9.00 On Sale
Us Versus Us

by: Andrew Marin

The Untold Story of Religion and the LGBT Community

$7.50 On Sale
Toward Conformity to the Image of Christ, vol. 2

by: Fred R. Johnson, PhD

$15.00 On Sale
Toward Conformity to the Image of Christ, vol. 1

by: Fred R. Johnson, PhD

$15.00 On Sale
Beyond Surprise

by: Kenneth Magee

The Best You've Got

$9.00 On Sale
A Fellowship of Differents

by: Scot McKnight

Showing the World God's Design for Life Together

$10.00 On Sale
Deep Ministry in a Shallow World

by: Chap Clark & Kara E. Powell

Not-So-Secret Findings About Youth Ministry

$11.50 On Sale
Occupied Territories

by: Garth Hewitt

The Revolution of Love from Bethlehem to the Ends of the Earth

$8.00 On Sale

by: Skye Jethani

Discover Your Purpose for Today by Reimagining Tomorrow

$8.00 On Sale
Yawning at Tigers

by: Drew Dyck

You Can't Tame God, So Stop Trying

$8.50 On Sale
Preventing Suicide

by: Karen Mason

A Handbook for Pastors, Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors

$9.00 On Sale
The Godbearing Life

by: Kenda Creasy Dean and Ron Foster

The Art of Soul Tending for Youth Ministry

$10.25 On Sale
Hidden in Christ

by: James Bryan Smith

Living As God's Beloved

$10.25 On Sale
Kingdom Calling

by: Amy L. Sherman

Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

$10.20 On Sale
How (Not) to Be Secular

by: James K. A. Smith

Reading Charles Taylor

$8.00 On Sale
Walker in the Fog

by: Jeff Gundy

On Mennonite Writing

$11.50 On Sale
The Power of All

by: Sian and Stuart Murray Williams


$8.00 On Sale
Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice

by: Dallas Willard & Jan Johnson

Experiments in Spiritual Transformation

$6.50 On Sale
Learning from Jesus

by: Linda L. Graybeal & Julia L. Roller

A Spiritual Formation Guide

$6.00 On Sale
Joy in Our Weakness

by: Marva Dawn

A Gift of Hope from the Book of Revelation

$6.60 On Sale
I Take Thee Serenity

by: Daisy Newman

$12.00 On Sale
God on the Quad

by: Naomi Schaefer Riley

How Religious Colleges and the Missionary Generation Are Changing America

$12.50 On Sale
Fighter for Peace

by: David J. Whittaker

Philip Noel-Baker 1889-1982

$10.00 On Sale
Canopy of Light and Love

by: Alan Kolp

$7.50 On Sale
Brave New Church

by: Richard Kew

What the Future Holds

$8.50 On Sale
You Lost Me

by: David Kinnaman & Aly Hawkins

$9.00 On Sale
The Beliefnet Guide to Evangelical Christianity

by: Wendy Murray Zoba

Beliefs, Practices, Issues, History, and Leaders

$5.00 On Sale
When the Rain Returns

by: various

Toward Justice and Reconciliation in Palestine and Israel

$7.50 On Sale
Can Mainline Denominations Make a Comeback?

by: Tony Campolo

A diagnosis and a prescription

$8.00 On Sale
Mustard Seed vs McWorld

by: Tom Sine

Reinventing life and faith for the future

$10.00 On Sale
The New Conspirators

by: Tom Sine

Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time

$7.50 On Sale
Laughing Out Loud

by: Tom Mullen

And other religious experiences

$7.20 On Sale
Where 2 or 3 Are Gathered...Someone Spills the Milk

by: Tom Mullen

. . . Someone Spills the Milk!


$5.00 On Sale
Never Mind the Joneses

by: Tim Stafford

Taking the Fear Out of Parenting

$6.50 On Sale
Surprised by Jesus

by: Tim Stafford

His Agenda for Changing Everything in A.D. 30 and Today

$8.50 On Sale
Time Warped

by: Steve Ganger

First Century Time Stewardship for 21st Century Living

$6.00 On Sale
Christian Zionism

by: Stephen Sizer

Road-map to Armageddon?

$17.50 On Sale
The Irresistible Revolution

by: Shane Claiborne

Living as an Ordinary Radical

$7.50 On Sale
What Every Church Member Should Know about Poverty

by: Ruby K. Payne and Bill Ehlig

A comprehensive and practical guide

Toxic Charity

by: Robert D. Lupton

How churches and charities hurt those they help

$8.50 On Sale
A Skeptic's Guide to Faith

by: Philip Yancey

$7.50 On Sale
What's So Amazing About Grace?

by: Philip Yancey

Grace explored at street level

$8.50 On Sale
The New Faces of Christianity

by: Philip Jenkins

Believing the Bible in the Global South

$8.00 On Sale

by: Neil Cole

Upgrades for the Future of the Church

$12.50 On Sale
Wisdom Chaser

by: Nathan Foster

Finding My Father at 14,000 Feet

$8.00 On Sale
Gregory of Nyssa

by: Michael Glerup

Sermons on the Beatitudes

$7.50 On Sale
Why the Rest Hates the West

by: Meic Pearse

Understanding the Roots of Global Rage

$9.00 On Sale
The Gods of War

by: Meic Pearse

Is Religion the Primary Cause of Violent Conflict?

$8.00 On Sale
Cross-Cultural Partnerships

by: Mary T. Lederleitner

Navigating the Complexities of Money and Mission

$8.50 On Sale
Come Pray

by: Mary Glenn Hadley

A guide to deeper personal and corporate prayer

$14.00 On Sale
Unfettered Hope

by: Marva J. Dawn

A Call to Faithful Living in an Affluent Society

$9.75 On Sale
A Short History of Christianity

by: Martin E. Marty

A survey of the history of Christianity for the non-specialist

$13.00 On Sale
Finding Our Way Home

by: Mark McMinn

Turning Back to What Matters Most

$14.00 On Sale
Firstfruits Living

by: Lynn A. Miller

Giving God Our Best

$4.75 On Sale
Treasure in Clay Jars

by: Lois Y. Barrett

Patterns in Missional Faithfulness

$11.00 On Sale
Growing Strong Daughters

by: Lisa Graham McMinn

Encouraging Girls to Become All They're Meant to Be

$7.50 On Sale
Almost Christian

by: Kenda Creasy Dean

What the Faith of Our Teenagers Is Telling the American Church

$12.50 On Sale
No Perfect People Allowed

by: John Burke

Creating a Come As You Are Culture in the Church

$7.50 On Sale
The Great Awakening

by: Jim Wallis

Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America

$13.00 On Sale
O Me of Little Faith

by: Jason Boyett

True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling

$6.50 On Sale

by: George Barna

Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary

$7.00 On Sale
Jesus and the Land

by: Gary M. Burge

The New Testament Challenge to Holy Land Theology

$11.00 On Sale
Forgotten God

by: Francis Chan

Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

$7.50 On Sale
Crazy Love

by: Francis Chan

Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

$7.50 On Sale
Practice Resurrection

by: Eugene H. Peterson

A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ

$12.00 On Sale
Mirror to the Church

by: Emmanuel Katongole

Resurrecting Faith after Genocide in Rwanda

$8.00 On Sale
Steering Clear

by: Earl Wilson

Avoiding the Slippery Slope to Moral Failure

$5.50 On Sale
Reverse Mentoring

by: Earl Creps

How Young Leaders Can Transform the Church and Why We Should Let Them

$15.00 On Sale
Thy Kingdom Connected

by: Dwight J. Friesen

What the Church Can Learn from Facebook, the Internet, and Other Networks

$7.50 On Sale
Searching for God Knows What

by: Donald Miller

The greatest desire of every person is the desire for redemption

$7.50 On Sale
They Like Jesus but Not the Church

by: Dan Kimball

Insights from Emerging Generations

$9.50 On Sale
Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions

by: Dan Brennan

Engaging the mystery of friendship between men and women

$8.00 On Sale
The Spirit of the Disciplines

by: Dallas Willard

Understanding how God changes lives

$9.60 On Sale
The Divine Conspiracy

by: Dallas Willard

Rediscovering our Hidden Life in God

$17.50 On Sale
Robert Barclay (used)

by: D. Elton Trueblood

A portrait of the life and times of a great Quaker intellectual leader.

$8.95 On Sale
Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament

by: Christopher J. H. Wright

The Holy Spirit is found throughout the pages of the Old Testament

$7.50 On Sale
More Ready than You Realize

by: Brian D. McLaren

Evangelism as Dance in the Postmodern Matrix

$6.50 On Sale
A New Kind of Christian

by: Brian D. McLaren

A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey

$13.25 On Sale
A Credible Witness

by: Brenda Salter McNeil

Reflections on Power, Evangelism, and Race

$6.50 On Sale
Signs of Salvation

by: Ben Richmond

New Life Where Grace and Truth Meet

$14.00 On Sale
Urban Verses

by: Alexis Spencer-Byers

Poems, stories, and reflections on inner-city ministry and other topics

$5.50 On Sale
The Suburban Christian

by: Albert Y. Hsu

Finding Spiritual Vitality in the Land of Plenty

$7.50 On Sale

by: Alan Hirsch and Debra Hirsch

Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship

$7.50 On Sale
The Pursuit of God

by: A. W. Tozer

The Human Thirst for the Divine

$9.00 On Sale
Living the Mission

by: Renovare

A Spiritual Formation Guide

$7.50 On Sale
Restoring At-Risk Communities

Doing It Together and Doing It Right

edited by: John M. Perkins

$10.50 On Sale
Jesus Girls

True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical

edited by: Hannah Faith Notess

$13.00 On Sale
Ending Hunger Now

by: George McGovern and Bob Dole

A Challenge to Persons of Faith

$6.00 On Sale
Authentic Devotion

by: Francis de Sales

Introduction to the Devout Life

$6.50 On Sale
Cease Fire

by: Tom Sine

Searching for Sanity in America's Culture Wars

$14.50 On Sale


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