# of Columns:
A Catechism & Confession of Faith

by: Robert Barclay

A new edition edited in modern English

A Century of Planting

by: E. Anna Nixon

A history of the American Friends Mission in India

A Family of Friends

by: Jack L. Willcuts

Friends Church membership course

A Heritage to Honor, A Future to Fulfill

by: Ralph K. Beebe

George Fox College 1891-1991

A Leisurely Introduction to:

...How a Bible-Believing Christian Can Accept Gay Marriage in the Church

by: Becky Ankeny

A Long Road

by: T. Vail Pamer, Jr.

How Quakers Made Sense of God and the Bible

A Part of My Heart Left Here

by: Donald A. Green

Renewal messages of Donald A. Green

Ambassador of The King

by: Edna H. Chilson

A biography of missionary Arthur B. Chilson

At Home with the Poor

by: Jean Thomas with Lon Fendall

Christian Community Development in Haiti

Back to Square One

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Turning losses into spiritual gain

Barclay's Apology

by: Robert Barclay

In modern English

Because of This

by: Jim Teeters

Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching: How to Live, Love, and Lead

Becoming Friends - Leader
Teacher's Notebook
Becoming Friends - Student

A 13-session course on what Friends believe (designed for 5th and 6th graders).

But I Tell You

by: Karen L. Oberst

Jesus Introduces a Better Way to Live

Catching Their Talk in a Box

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Joy Ridderhof

Christians in the Crossfire

by: Mark R. McMinn and James Foster

Guarding your mind against manipulation and self-deception


by: Lon Fendall

A Christian Calling

Close to the Ground

by: Nancy Thomas

A Collection of Poems

Compassion: The Painful Privilege

by: Dan Nolta

demonstrating Christlike compassion in a world full of tragedy and suffering

Dirt and the Good Life

by: Mark and Lisa McMinn

Stories from Fern Creek

USFWI reading list 2015 (biography)

Do Not Be Afraid

An Advent Reader

Down a Winding Road

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Roscoe and Tina Knight

Drawn by the Light

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Autobiographical reflections of Arthur O. Roberts

Eight of a Kind

by: Betty M. Hockett

Stories of eight Friends (Quakers) who willingly obeyed God no matter what the consequences

Face to Face

by: T. Vail Palmer, Jr.

Early Quaker Encounters with the Bible

Following Jesus

by: Paul Anderson

The Heart of Faith and Practice

From Bamboo to Mango

by: Catherine D. Cattell

Humor and pathos combine

From Here to There and Back Again

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Charles Edward DeVol

God Is User Friendly

by: Alvin Anderson

Lessons from computer technology and psychology for the Christian life


by: Christine Sine

Time for Peace in the Rhythms of Life

Going Intergenerational

by: Jim Teeters

All Ages Learning Bible Truths Together

Going the Extra Mile

by: Norval Hadley

Adventures with God in Seventy-Five Countries

Happiness Under the Indian Trees

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Catherine Cattell

Heavenly Fire

And other poems by Arthur O. Roberts

How Long?

by: Patrick Oden

The Trek Through the Wilderness

It's a Dance

by: Patrick Oden

Moving with the Holy Spirit

Just Moms

by: Melanie Springer Mock and Rebekah D. Schneiter

Conveying Justice in an Unjust World

Keeping Them All in Stitches

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Geraldine Custer

Look Closely at the Child

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Christmas poems

Looking Through the Window

by: Betty M. Hockett

Real-life missionary stories

Love Is Deeper Than Distance

by: Peg Edera

Poems of love, death, a little sex, ALS, dementia, and the widow's life thereafter.

Meet the Friends (booklet)

Seven short essays that introduce the Friends church

Messengers of God

by: Arthur O. Roberts and Robin Shepard

The sensuous side of spirituality

Missionary Moments

by: Phyllis Cammack

Sixty diverse moments in the life of a missionary in South America

Missions by the Spirit

by: Ron Stansell

Learning from Quaker Examples

More Energy for Your Day

by: Charles Mylander

Tap into God's power for everyday living

Move Over, Elijah

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Sermons in poetry and prose

Mud on Their Wheels

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Vern and Lois Ellis

No Time Out

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of George and Dorothy Thomas

Nothing Without Christ

by: Dean Freiday

Some current problems in religious thought in the light of seventeenth-century thought and experience

On the Cutting Edge

by: E. Anna Nixon

The vision, faith, and struggles of a surgeon and his wife are revealed through this fascinating and challenging three-generation family story.

On the Edge of a Truth

A small anthology of poetry by Northwest Quakers

edited by: Nancy Thomas 

Outside Doctor on Call

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Ezra and Frances DeVol

Portrait of a Quaker

by: Don McNichols

A critical biography of Levi T. Pennington

Practicing Discernment Together

by: Lon Fendall, Jan Wood, Bruce Bishop

Finding God's Way Forward in Decision Making

Prayers at Twilight

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Prayers that capture the variety of questions and concerns surrounding death

Praying for Justice

by: R. Anderson Campbell & Steve Sherwood
with Paula Hampton

A Lectionary of Christian Concern

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Prescription for Anger

by: Gary Hankins and Carol Hankins

Coping with angry feeling and angry people

Presence and Process

by: Daniel P. Coleman

A Path Toward Transformative Faith and Inclusive Community

Retirement Is Not for Sissies

by: David L. McKenna

A Game Plan for Seniors

Rhythms of Grace

by: David O. Williams

Life-Saving Disciplines for Spiritual Leaders

Saving Women from the Church

by: Susan McLeod-Harrison

How Jesus Mends a Divide

Speaking as a Friend

by: Dean Freiday

Essays interpreting our Christian faith

Stand Alone or Come Home

by: Lon Fendall

Mark Hatfield as an Evangelical and a Progressive

Sunrise and Shadow

by: Arthur O. Roberts

A collection of poems


The Bonus Years

by: Arthur O. Roberts

The Jekyll/Hyde Syndrome

by: Mark R. McMinn

Controlling inner conflicts through authentic living

The Leader's Legacy

by: David L. McKenna

Preparing for Greater Things

The Making of a Quaker College

by: Milo C. Ross

Reminiscence from a Significant Contributor to George Fox College

The Next Step (pkg. of 25)
Welcome to the family of God!
The Next Step (single copy)
Welcome to the family of God!
The People Called Quakers (booklet)

Answers to frequent questions about Quakers

The Sacred Ordinary

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Sermons & Addresses

The Secret Colors of God

by: Nancy Thomas

A book of poems

The Sense of the Meeting

Editorial writings of Jack L. Willcuts

The Shalom of God

by: Howard R. Macy

The Spirit of Holiness

by: Everett Cattell

Revised Edition, edited by Wayne Evans

The Way You Believe

by: Lauren A. King

Thoughts on the nature of faith

The Wit and Wisdom of Jack Willcuts

by: Arthur O. Roberts

Letters open another window on the life of a Quaker leader

Through Flaming Sword

by: Arthur O. Roberts

The Life and Legacy of George Fox

Understand My Muslim People

by: Abraham Sarker

A former Muslim shares his story, insights, and concern

Unlocking Horns

by: David Niyonzima and Lon Fendall

Forgiveness and reconciliation in Burundi

Waging Peace

by: Ralph K. Beebe and John Lamoreau

A study of biblical pacifism

What Is Justice?

by: Bill Denham

a personal exploration

What Will Tomorrow Bring?

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Ralph and Esther Choate

Whistling Bombs and Bumpy Trains

by: Betty M. Hockett

The life-story of Anna Nixon

Why Friends Are Friends

by: Jack L. Willcuts

Some Quaker core convictions



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