The Spirit of Holiness

The Spirit of Holiness
Revised Edition
Everett L. Cattell
Wayne Evans
2015- July 10
Barclay Press

Everett Cattell grew up in the Friends Church during the early part of the twentieth century. Both the traditional importance in the Quaker movement of the role of the Spirit and the rise of the Wesleyan Holiness Movement had a significant influence on him. In Cattell’s own words: “I was brought up on holiness.”

“As a young Christian trying to live the sanctified life,” Cattell confesses, “I found problems in correlating the teaching I heard with my own experience.” This book is the product of Cattell’s deeper study of holiness.

Half a century after The Spirit of Holiness was first published, Wayne Evans invites you to revisit the timeless truths Cattell shares. Evans has added at the end of each section notations that stimulate discussion and enhance relevance. As Evans points out, “This book is about practical everyday Christianity.”


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Review by Ron Stansell



I cheered out loud when I saw the new edition of The Spirit of Holiness! I've been hoping for this reprint for years. I love this book and use it in my Friends Theology course to discuss our growing Christian life. I use it because it draws values from both our early Friends tradition and our Wesleyan-Holiness roots while avoiding some of the narrower, questionable pitfalls of both those streams. It reflects a deep understanding of the way Evangelical Friends practice holy living and it will challenge readers into profound experiences of spiritual growth.

Kent Walkemeyer

director, Friends Center at Azusa Pacific University


I’m impressed and grateful for the combined spiritual wisdom of Everett Cattell and Wayne Evans in the revisited edition of The Spirit of Holiness. Living in the spirit of holiness, as explained by Everett Cattell, is as crucial for Christians today as it was in 1963 when he wrote this Christian/Friends classic. The contemporary reflections and discussion prompts by Wayne Evans truly illuminate, inspire, give rise to sermons, and lead to personal discovery of the spirit of holiness.

David Kingrey

professor, Barclay College


The Spirit of Holiness is an honest, transparent and attractive work on deeper Christian living. Everett Cattell’s words still speak with power fifty years after his book was first published. I have long felt that this book is a Quaker classic worthy of new attention. Wayne Evans’ comments and discussion questions help focus key teachings.  There are no lofty heights of “holiness preaching” oddly out-of-touch with human experience.  Rather, God is present in the Holy Spirit to progressively cleanse and prepare the believer, to transform, to nurture, and to bless.

Ron Stansell

author, Missions by the Spirit


Revisited editor, Wayne Evans, has made this classic on holiness and holy living even more accessible and useful by adding notes to explain some of Cattell’s terminology. Evan’s inclusion of topical headings, outlines, and questions for reflection make this revised edition easy to use for personal or group study.

Those who had the privilege of knowing Everett Cattell recognize that in this book he shared not theory but rather his personal struggles with the meaning and practice of holiness. The message of this book is made completely credible by the Christian wisdom, character, and actions of Cattell. He truly lived the spirit of holiness.

Ron Johnson

president emeritus, Malone University


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