The Well Women Book 3
Ladine Housholder
2020- February 29
Copper Teapot Publishing LLC


First there was "The Well Women," then "Bus to Corinth." Now, The Well Women are back--but not for long. This time they’re packing their bags for Ireland! After a reunion in Orlando, where they celebrate Najila’s visit to America and the completion of her book about the Samaritan woman, five of the group will then accompany Najila on an ocean cruise to Ireland, followed by a bus tour around the Emerald Isle. As before, Bible study is involved; and Vicky takes the lead by initiating a scripture study on Sarah in the book of Genesis. There is a problem, however, because she is torn between doing the tour around Ireland or returning to her daughter’s hospital room, once again. Corinne and Ruthie are doing well: Ruthie’s life with Pete is finally on firm footing; and Corinne is happily busy with her sketching. But storms are raging for Alicia, Inez, and Vicky. They are all amid the rough weather of life but gain strength and courage from the wise counsel of Corinne and Ruth. Then there is sweet, unassuming, yet strong-willed Najila. During the cruise, she meets Mike, a retired pilot, on his way to visit his mum in western Ireland. Although their love of dancing brings them together, as they become friends, Najila soon realizes she is falling for Mike. The many differences between them--country, culture, faith, and family--just don’t seem to matter. A powerful dream confirms this, encouraging her to step out in faith to grasp fresh possibilities and new joy in a future with the man she loves. Will she risk losing her business ventures and independence and follow her heart . . .? Join your old friends from "The Well Women" and "Bus to Corinth" as, once again, they offer love and support to each other on this new journey.


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