Illuminate: Exodus

Illuminate: Exodus
Possibility and Promise
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Possibility and Promise

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites move out from slavery in Egypt and into a wilderness wandering. There is a land of promise waiting for the people of God, but in the passages covered in this study, the Israelites are still living in the in-between. They are no longer enslaved. They are not yet independent. As we read together over the next thirteen weeks, notice how Exodus is a text of suffering. Notice how Exodus is a text of almost and not yet. Notice how Exodus is a text of possibility and promise.


  1. On Holy Ground (Exodus 3:1–22)

  2. God’s Power (Exodus 4:1–9)

  3. Help in Hard Times (Exodus 5:10–23)

  4. Go and Tell (Exodus 6:10–30)

  5. To Trust in God (Exodus 14:1–4, 10–22)

  6. God Provides (Exodus 15:1, 13–24; 16:28–36; 17:1–3)

  7. How We Help Each Other (Exodus 17:8–16)

  8. Encountering God (Exodus 19:1–9, 16–25)

  9. Honoring the Lord (Exodus 20:1–11)

10. Keeping Relationships Healthy (Exodus 20:12–21)

11. God Goes before Us (Exodus 23:20–33)

12. God with Us (Exodus 33:12–23; 34:4–9)

13. An Offering to the Lord (Exodus 35:4–9, 20–21, 30—36:1)

















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