Illuminate: Learning to Love

Illuminate: Learning to Love
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Christ as Present Teacher: Learning to Love

This study – in its focus on the words of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels – challenges us to note how Jesus’ teachings repeat, emphasize, and build on Old Testament themes while addressing the real-world concerns of his audience. Consider how members of the early church understood Jesus’ words, seeking to more faithfully live in harmony with the Holy Spirit whom we trust has always been at work, remains at work, and will always be at work in the church and in us. Jesus’ words were for the people of his day. But they are also for us. Right where we are. Today.

SAMPLE: Learning to Love



  1. God’s Ways (Matthew 20:1–16)
  2. Great in God’s Eyes (Matthew 20:20–28)
  3. A Question of Authority (Matthew 22:15–22)
  4. To Love God (Matthew 22:34–40)
  5. Living with Integrity (Matthew 23:1–12)
  6. Faithful Service (Matthew 24:45–51)
  7. Giving as God Gives (Matthew 25:14–30)
  8. God’s Mercy (Matthew 25:34–40)
  9. The Power of God’s Love (Matthew 26:6–12)
  10. God Comforts Us (Matthew 26:36–46)
  11. Choosing Love (Matthew 26:47–56)
  12. Messengers of Hope (Matthew 28:1–10)
  13. Into the World (Matthew 28:16–20)




Priscilla Hochhalter
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