Illuminate: Galatians, Romans

Illuminate: Galatians, Romans
Love Leads to Freedom
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Love Leads to Freedom

The most theological of all Paul’s letters, and perhaps of the whole Christian Testament, the book of Romans addresses sin and salvation, failure and grace, and individual and communal faithfulness.  Galatians, with its emphasis on freedom and equality through God’s grace, builds up the Body of Christ with instructions and encouragement. Delve into this study guide in order to learn more about the context of these epistles, to be challenged to grow spiritually, and to be edified by the reflections from Friends across the country.



  1. Under Whose Authority? (Galatians 1:10–17; 2:1–10)

  2. God’s Big, Beautiful Family (Galatians 3:23–29; 4:1–7)

  3. Christlike Character (Galatians 5:14–26; 6:1–10)

  4. Worship God Alone (Romans 1:16–21, 22–32)

  5. A Matter of the Heart (Romans 2:12–16, 17–29)

  6. Abraham’s Faith and God’s Love (Romans 4:13–17; 5:1–11)

  7. Newness of Life (Romans 6:1–11, 15–23)

  8. Freedom from the Law (Romans 7:1–6, 14–25)

  9. Love, the Key to Victory (Romans 8:1–11, 26–39)

10. Children of the Promise (Romans 9:8–24, 25–32a)

11. Saved by Faith (Romans 10:5–13, 20; 11:11–18)

12. The Law of Love (Romans 12:17–21; 13:1–10)

13. Only God Is Able to Judge (Romans 14:1–12, 13–23)


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